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  • Gold -4.60 (1,723.43)
  • Silver -0.24 (33.25)
  • Copper -0.07 (3.72)
  • WTI Oil +1.28 (103.59)
  • NYMEX Gas +0.01 (2.69)
  • S&P;/TSX -27.29 (12,458.30)

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Our Company Research Data feature offers a differentiated summary of Company Data for each Company in our Company Universe.  Each Company in our database has over 35 different data components, organized in much the same manner as they would be organized in an ‘Acquisition Data Room’.  Over 50% of those data components are proprietary to  We continuously work to add additional ‘Company Data Features’ to enhance our Subscribers research capability.  We believe that our Company Research Data Structure will save you valuable time, and bring information to you that you might not see otherwise.

Please suggest how we can make this feature even more valuable to you.  E-mail us at

Feature Rationale

The Internet is increasingly about 'Filtered Specialized News' aimed at targeted Subscribers.  We believe our Company Research Data Structure and method of presentation will enable you to complete more comprehensive company research in a much shorter period of time than you otherwise could! You must be a Subscriber to access this Feature.

Our Company Research Data Structure In Pictures

Step 1: Click on ‘Company’ in the Main Navigation Bar identified by the red arrow shown on the following screenshot.

Step 2: Type the name, or partial name, of the company whose data you want to review, and click ‘Search’. If you are not certain of a company’s name (i.e. Great Panther Silver Ltd.), simply type ‘Great’ or ‘Great Panther’, our automated system will find the company for you.

Step 3: You will be taken to our ‘Company Overview’ page, from there you can work through our expandable (and contractible) Company Data Features in the navigation options found to the right of the Company Overview page.