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First, at the heart of (“our”, “we”, “us”, or ‘”their”) is a process we have developed that categorizes each company in our Company Universe by principal activity, principal resource targeted, and principal geography of operation. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our ‘categorization process’, companies frequently change strategies, find resources they were not primarily searching for, convert from ‘explorer’ to ‘producer’, or change principal geographies – any of which may result in company categorization errors on our website.

Second, we have developed an automated ‘Press Release Search System’© that relies on keyword searches. Keyword searches are prone to error. As a result, at any point in time the Segregated Press Release Tables (e.g. Drilling/Discovery Press Releases) that appear on each company’s data page in our website may be incomplete, and some of the Press Releases in those Segregated Press Release Tables may be mis-categorized.

Third, primarily is an automated website that relies on data feeds from third parties over whom we have no control. Data accumulation and feed processes adopted by our Data Providers may result in errors in the data they provide to us. Each page of our website that includes data provided by our Data Providers shows the name of that Data Provider(s).

The accuracy and timeliness of our data is of paramount importance to us. Accordingly, we encourage Investor Relations Executives of Companies in our Company Universe who observe data errors, omissions, or company mis-categorizations to correct them by utilizing the following e-mail system. We believe this e-mail system to be particularly valuable to those companies because corrections made by our data providers in their data base not only will correct data errors on our site, but concurrently will correct the same errors on all world data bases fed by our data providers.

The following are links (E-Mail) to e-mail forms that enable you to efficiently send e-mails to us and to (with a copy to us) our third party ‘factual data’ data providers.

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