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Read the latest Stock Research Portal Economic & Resource Stocks Commentary. The commentaries below are only accessible to Subscribers of Stock Research Portal and are the most current (last 15 days) articles. Non-Subscribers can freely access our archived commentaries and newsletters.

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Daily Economic Commentaries Archived Commentaries
10/31/2012 - Greece: New budget to be tabled today, Spain: Continuing economic deterioration, no bailout request yet, United States fiscal cliff – think hard about it now and on November 6, Tanzania: More on proposed mining tax changes
10/29/2012 - Bank credit rating downgrades and downgrade warnings, Greece – no agreement yet reached, United Kingdom preliminary Q3 GDP estimate shows 1% growth, United States consumers: where are they sourcing their spending?
10/25/2012 - Eurozone – will its economics lead to a ‘creeping takeover’ by Germany?, German Manufacturing reported as weakening this month, Greece – still no deal, Spain passes 2013 austerity budget, U.S. Postal Service – out of cash! – an essential service?
10/23/2012 - Canada – again, don’t think ‘it can’t happen here’, German banks – Moody’s continues to be negative, Spain worst-case bank stress test scenario looking more realistic, U.S. Fiscal Cliff said not to be priced in to financial markets!, Greece – twist on country risk, two local groups clash over gold mine development
10/22/2012 - Canada announces preliminary turndown of Progress Energy takeover by Malaysia, Greece to run out of cash on November 16 absent receipt of further bailout funding, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and … – anti-austerity protests, Portugal – going the way of Greece?, World Gold Council – conflict free gold standard
10/19/2012 - Canada’s Household Debt, China’s economic growth may be better than recently thought, Consequence of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain exiting the Eurozone, Bank of England and stimulus, U.S. September housing starts up – a real ‘green shoot’ or not?, South Africa – a positive story. Could it signal a potential ‘role model community’ in a mining district?
10/18/2012 - Moody’s decides not to downgrade Spain’s sovereign debt further – market reaction interesting, The U.S. consumer and the ‘right question’!, ‘Rules’ for investors (and traders) to consider, Mongolia proposed increased Rio Tinto project participation
10/17/2012 - U.S. August net trade deficit reported at U.S.$44.2 billion, How worried should one be about the financial markets?, South Africa labour unrest and tensions – how may that affect gold?, Is Burkina Faso mining at risk from Islamist Groups?
10/16/2012 - Six simple U.S. economic charts worth thinking carefully about, Corporate Governance – General, Bonusing and Stock Options, Keep Liberty Silver ongoing corporate developments on your radar screen
10/15/2012 - Update on Greece, Spanish request for financial aid now in November?, U.S. reports 2012 Federal Deficit of $1.09 trillion, Spain through the eyes of Reggie Middleton
10/12/2021 - More time for Greece to meet budget-cutting goals?, A reality check on the possibility of the United States being energy independent by 2020, Portugal government has approved “most austere budget in decades”, 56 Episodes of Hyperinflation, International Monetary Fund October 2012 world economic assessment, High Frequency Trading, Gold exploration and social unrest in Central and South America
10/11/2021 - IMF head Christine Lagarde suggests Greece and Spain should be given more time, S&P; downgrades Spain’s debt to ‘almost junk’, and 2013 GDP forecasts, Economic recovery in developed countries – stagnation?, The Chinese yuan just hit a 19-year high against the U.S.$
10/10/2021 - Spain headed in a downward spiral?, Quantitative easing, World Bank cuts East Asia and China growth forecasts, Canada-China investment treaty, Importance of Chavez’ re-election as Venezuela President to companies doing business in South America
10/09/2021 - IMF lowers global growth forecasts, and likely that of the United Kingdom, Watch for possible important developments in Greece this week, Are all jobs created equal, and what does the U.S. reported unemployment rate really mean?, Meetings this week and next on Eurozone generally and Spain (likely) specifically, Spain’s borrowing costs go above 6% once again
10/04/2022 - On financial advisors, Mark-to-market rule changes, Canadian province/province 2012 growth estimates reduced