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Last Updated August 29, 2021

Stock Research Portal Interview Policy

In this Interview Policy the following terms have the following meanings:

  • “Companies” means more than one Company;
  • “Company” means a company, income trust or other business whose data in part resides in the Website;
  • “Company Specific Webpages” means webpages displaying data for a particular Company;
  • “Home Page and Equivalents” means webpages other than Company Specific Webpages, Comparison Webpages, and Ranking Webpages;
  • “Interview” or “interviews” means an Interview that is conducted by SRDDI personnel that is available on the SRDDI Server to Website Subscribers or Other Persons;
  • “Other Person” means visitors to the Website who are not Subscribers;
  • “SRDDI” means Stock Research DD Inc., the owner of the Website and includes, as applicable, its successors in title and assignees;
  • “SRDDI Server” means any Internet Server used by SRDDI to enable Internet users to access the Website;
  • “Subscriber” means any person who has executed SRDDI’s Terms of Use Agreement; and,
  • “Website” means StockResearchPortal.com, this SRDDI website.


By permitting Interviews to appear on the Website, none of SRDDI, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders or consultants makes any investment recommendations with respect to any Company whose Executives have been interviewed. Any Subscriber or Other Person visiting or otherwise using the Website does so on the express understanding that none of SRDDI or its directors, officers, employees, shareholders or consultants makes any recommendation to 'buy', 'sell' or 'hold' any investment in any Company whose Executives have been interviewed.

Availability of Interviews

All Companies are offered the opportunity to have one or more of their Executives interviewed by SRDDI personnel. Where any Company makes a request to have one or more of its Executives Interviewed SRDDI reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse to conduct an Interview.

About Our Interviews

All StockResearchPortal.com interviews are subject to important Disclaimers and Disclosures that are included at the end of each Interview and Interview Segment. SRDDI strongly believes in the importance of being, and being seen to be:

  • independent from the Companies and Company Executives interviewed; and,
  • objective, unbiased, and non-patronizing in the questions we ask those Executives to answer.

Accordingly, when publishing these interviews, we disclose that:

  • our interviews are not conditional upon the Company whose Executive is interviewed being a paid advertiser on StockResearchPortal.com;
  • where a Company whose Executive is interviewed is a paid advertiser on the Website at the time of the interview we disclose that at the end of each Interview Podcast;
  • aside from advertising fees paid by those Companies whose Executives are interviewed, neither SRDDI nor any other party does not receive monetary or non-monetary consideration from the Companies whose Executives are interviewed; and,
  • where we are aware that shares in a Company whose Executive is being interviewed are known to be owned by a Director or Officer of Stock Research DD Inc. we disclose that at the end of each interview Podcast.


If you are a director or officer in a Company that has not been interviewed by Stock Research Portal, but would like to be, please contact SRDDI using the following contact information:

Stock Research DD Inc.
Suite 320
70 University Avenue
Toronto, Canada
M5J 2M4