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About Stock Research Portal

Stock Research Portal was conceived in 2006 by Ian R. Campbell, who for thirty-five years has been one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants. He is the author of a number of authoritative Business Valuation texts.

Our founder’s vision is to create a repository of research, due diligence, and educational information that enables users to develop higher quality investment ideas and promote improved investor/investment advisor communication and cooperation.

StockResearchPortal.com is structured to cover macro-economic data, and Mining and Oil & Gas industry and company information. Areas that could prove to be of increasing relevance and importance in the prospective economic environment.

StockResearchPortal.com is about accessing, reporting, and distributing relevant information to individual investors of all experience levels, investment advisors, institutional investors and securities analysts. Approximately 65% of the website data is electronically updated daily. 35% is created in proprietary templates by company employees.

View a sample of stock research data that subscribers can access.

Learn more about the Stock Research Portal website differentiators, and see how we differ from other mining investment research websites. View a recent interview with Investment Executive where our founder talks about the potential value of the site.

We are dedicated to providing data that:

 will enable users to find and study data logically and efficiently;
 will provide users with a wealth of unique and hard to find data; and,
 will enable individual investors and their investment advisors to communicate more effectively with one another.

We can be contacted at:

Stock Research DD Inc.
Suite 320, 70 University Avenue
Toronto, Canada M5J 2M4
Phone: 416 597 4501
Fax: 416 597 9779
E-mail: info@stockresearchportal.com