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Ian R. Campbell's Economic Straight TalkWith over 40 years of experience as one of Canada’s leading business valuation consultants, Ian R. Campbell understands the value of relevant, reliable, and timely information to predict outcomes for investors.

Through The Economic Straight Talk Newsletter he shares his considerable knowledge and experience by providing his unique perspective on the world and country specific economies, the financial markets, and natural resources.

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Join relevant new LinkedIn Groups

In the past few days I have created three new LinkedIn groups.

  • The Economic Straight Talk Group, which enables its members to add economic discussion and comment on the economic discussion of others.  If you are a LinkedIn member you can find and join that Group by clicking on the following link:  The Economic Straight Talk Group.
  • The Business Transition Counsel Group, which likewise enables discussion and commentary by its members on matters related to business transition .....

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Today's economic and markets news

You will have noticed the reduced number of Economic Straight Talk Newsletter emails in your inbox in recent weeks.  As I have said two or three times since early February, of late I have not found very much in the +750 world news headlines I review each morning that I have thought worthy of bringing to your attention.

That has changed significantly in the past two weeks - and now seemingly almost daily. Yesterday I found .....

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News yesterday: China, European Union

Article yesterday – Banks in China stop extending home loans - reading time 2 minutes (Want China Times).


Like most articles, the headline doesn’t tell the whole story.  The article text reports that .....

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