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Our Companies Worth Researching E-mail sets out tables of companies whose activities on the previous trading day suggest they may be ‘Companies Worth Researching’ - where based on a given Subscriber’s investment strategy or risk profile a ‘Company Worth Researching’ may or may not be a ‘Company Worth Buying or Trading’.

Currently our Daily Companies Worth Researching E-mail includes six tables setting out Companies that announced one or more of the following Corporate Activities:

The six tables currently included in each morning’s e-mail are:

  1. Price Increases For Companies That Issued Press Releases Yesterday.
  2. Price Decreases for Companies That Issued Press Releases Yesterday.
  3. Companies Where Yesterday Insiders Reported Shares Acquired Through Purchase Transactions.
  4. Companies Whose Share Trading Yesterday Was Halted or Resumed.
  5. Companies Who In The Last Seven Days Made Normal Course Issuer Bids.
  6. Companies Who In The Last Seven Days Announced Shareholder Rights Plans.

We believe that our Daily Companies Worth Researching E-mail feature will save you valuable time, and bring information to you that you might not see otherwise. It’s easy to navigate the tables in the daily E-mail, as shown below.

If you are a Subscriber to but currently do not receive that ‘Companies Worth Researching ‘ e-mail, write to us at and we will add you to our e-mail list.

Please suggest how we can make this feature even more valuable to you.  E-mail us at

Feature Rationale

Certain definable events suggest that a particular company might be worth researching.  We believe our automated filters help identify such companies, and that our daily Companies Worth Researching E-mail will give you a head start on your investing/trading day, while saving you significant time!

How To Use Our Daily ‘Companies Worth Researching’ E-mail Feature

Step #1 – Open your daily Companies Worth Researching E-mail.

Step #2 – Review the contents of each of the six Tables found in the E-mail.

Step #3 – Click on any Company Name found in any one of the Tables.

Step #4 – Review the Company Data for that Company in the Stock Research database.

Step #5 – Read or print the Company data you deem relevant.

Example – Daily Companies Worth Researching E-mail

View a sample of a past Companies Worth Researching e-mail.