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  • Gold +20.24 (1,740.55)
  • Silver +0.89 (34.32)
  • Copper +0.12 (3.61)
  • WTI Oil +1.03 (93.22)
  • NYMEX Gas 0.00 (3.78)
  • S&P;/TSX +199.65 (12,314.75)

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Focused exclusively on mining and oil & gas stocks, we give you instant access to in-depth research on over 1,550 Toronto and Venture Stock Exchange companies.

135+ Copper Companies   65+ Oil & Gas Service Companies
650+ Gold Companies   100+ Oil & Oil Sands Companies
15+ Lithium Companies   10+ Rare Earth Companies
25+ Molybdenum Companies   70+ Silver Companies
100+ Natural Gas Companies   90+ Uranium Companies

Company Research

  • Detailed Descriptions
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Country Risk Data
  • Sorted Press Releases
  • Insider Trades
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Director Cross-Overs
  • Latest 8 Quarter Data
  • Expert Commentaries
  • Moving Avg Charts
  • Performance Charts
  • Volatility Charts

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Other Features

  • Stock Alerts System
  • Companies Worth Researching
  • Economic/Resource Commentaries
  • Portfolio Tracker(s)
  • Forums
  • Executive Interviews
  • Share Valuation
  • Economic Research
  • Industry Research


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  • Value independent and objective views and advice!
  • Are continually enhancing your knowledge of natural resources, mining, oil and gas companies!


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Company Research Data


Company Alerts System

35+ Data Points for 1,550+ Resource Companies – and more on the way. Subscribers say our website enables ‘research time savings’ of 30%*.
* On average. September, 2011 Subscriber Survey

We offer a differentiated system that alerts for Press Releases, Corporate Filings, Insider Trades, and more. Subscribers have overwhelmingly confirmed the value of our Alerts System*.
* September, 2011 Subscriber Survey


Peer Group Analysis

Compare / Rank Companies

Automated Peer Company Groups and Stock Indexes enable efficient share price comparisons and trends.

Our Compare & Rank Companies System enables comparison of Peer Companies by over 35 Financial & Market Metrics.


Daily Commentaries

Topically Sorted Press Releases

Our independent, objective daily commentaries update Subscribers on Economic and Resource News. Subscriber’s love them!

Our Topically Sorted Press Release System enables Subscribers to save time by focusing on the news that matters to them most.



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Annual Subscription Fee (2) 348 277
Net Gain $402 $473
Return on Subscription Investment 115.5% 170.8%
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100% Focus on Resource Stocks
Charts Generation
Company Research
  Company Descriptions, Share Price & Volume History, Key Finanical Data, Press Releases, Directors & insider Tables
Corporate Filings by Filing Type
Country Risk Research Data
Director & Insider Cross-References
Drilling Schematics (for some companies)
Latest 8 Quarter Data
Peer Group Compare & Rank Analysis
Peer Group Indice/Share Price Analysis
Reported Trades by Insiders
Topically Segregated Press Releases
Daily E-mails
Companies Worth Researching
Economic and Resource Commentaries
Stock Alerts System
Daily E-mail Archive - Economic and Resource Commentaries
Daily Stock Activity Tables
Daily Companies Worth Researching Tables
Today's Press Release Price/Volume Changes by Industry
Today's Press Releases Tables by Industry
Today's Winners/Losers & Most Active Tables by Industry
Education Content
Country Specific Monthly Economic Data Charts
Daily Economic and Resource News
Economic Research
Mineral Specific Price Charts
Mining and Oil & Gas Valuation E-books
Monthly Country Economic Charts
Resource Industry Research by Sub-Industry
Other Features
Executive Interviews
Expert Commentaries
Discussion Forums
Market Indices Generation
Newsletter Commentaries
Portfolio Tracker(s)
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