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  • Gold +15.56 (1,659.21)
  • Silver +0.36 (30.35)
  • Copper +0.10 (3.73)
  • WTI Oil +0.42 (100.11)
  • NYMEX Gas 0.00 (2.55)
  • S&P;/TSX +27.54 (12,258.60)

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Our website was developed because it founder, Ian R. Campbell, became focused on Mining and Oil & Gas Investments in 2005 when he forecast the U.S. consumer was going to run out of ‘Spending Gas’ in circumstances where the U.S. consumer then accounted for 70% of U.S. GDP.  Campbell concluded there was no single Resource Stock website that provided him with all the data he wanted to review when identifying companies he thought worth further researching.  He then developed the concept of a Stock Research Portal focused on Mining and Oil & Gas Stocks, and tested the concept with Resource Company Presidents, and through Investor/Trader Surveys.  Almost five years later,, which continues to add companies and data features to its data base, is the result.

Our website has been developed based on our belief that in order to participate as either an investor or trader in the equity markets generally, and in the resource equity markets in particular, that one ought to have:

  • a basic grounding in, and understanding of, business and resource equity valuation principals and concepts (Campbell’s primary background – see his biography);
  • a basic grounding in, and understanding of, ongoing world and country specific economic conditions;
  • a basic grounding in, and understanding of, ongoing industry specific information;
  • a detailed understanding of each company they propose to invest or trade in, and have a ready and efficient ability to ‘stay on top’ of each such investment or trade; and,
  • an ability to readily compare/rank each company of interest to them against their Peer Group Companies.

We call the foregoing five steps a valuation/investing/trading knowledge hierarchy.  Our website is structured in that hierarchical order.

Stock Research Portal’s ‘Mission Statement’ is:

To provide our Subscribers with filtered, accurate, comprehensive, easily understood data that enables highly efficient, productive Resource Stock Research – and to do that ‘Better Than Anyone Else’.

We continuously work to enhance our website in order to add to your research capability.  We believe that our Stock Research Portal will save you valuable time, and will bring information to your attention that you otherwise might miss.

Please suggest how we can make our (and your) website even more valuable to you.  E-mail us at

Our Website Overview in Pictures

The following five slides summarize:

  • our Mission Statement;
  • our Website ‘Drivers’ – being the important Drivers that will over time be recognized as the ones that best service website user interests;
  • examples of ‘but a few’ of the filtered, proprietary data features that we currently offer our Subscribers – with many more to come;
  • our ‘Interdependent Beliefs’ with respect to the Resource Industries, and the role we think prospectively will be played by the Internet as investors and traders take increasing responsibility for their investments and trades; and’
  • a pictorial depiction of our ‘Valuation/Investing/Trading Knowledge Hierarchy’.

We think that if you spend time reviewing these slides you will have both a better idea of what we at Stock Research Portal are working to accomplish, why we are doing that, and perhaps think somewhat differently about Internet and Stock Research websites than you have to date.