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  • Gold +13.16 (1,656.81)
  • Silver +0.16 (30.15)
  • Copper +0.09 (3.72)
  • WTI Oil +1.54 (100.24)
  • NYMEX Gas -0.21 (2.46)
  • S&P;/TSX -25.68 (12,232.92)

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Our Today’s Press Releases Price / Volume Changes feature offers a differentiated System that gives our Subscribers immediate access to changing share prices and volumes during the trading day companies in our Company Universe issue Press Releases.  Those companies are added to our tables in real time as we receive them throughout each trading day.  They are sorted into two groups of tables:

  • a group of tables organized by press release category (e.g. financings, drilling/discovery, feasibility studies, etc.); and,
  • a group of tables organized by sub-industry (e.g. gold, silver, oil & gas, etc.).

We believe that our Today’s Press Releases Price/Volume Changes feature will save you valuable time, and bring information to you that you might not see otherwise.

Please suggest how we can make this feature even more valuable to you.  E-mail us at

Feature Rationale

The Internet is increasingly about 'Filtered Specialized News' aimed at targeted Subscribers.  We believe our Today’s Press Releases Price/Volume Changes and method of presentation will give you a quick review of possible ‘Companies of Interest’ throughout your investing/trading day, while saving you significant time!

Our Today’s Press Releases Price/Volume Changes in Pictures

Step 1:  Click on “Today's Press Releases Price/Volume Changes” located on the Home Page.  This Feature is identified by the red arrow shown on the following Screenshot.

Step 2:  Browse the price and volume changes for each Press Release issued on day you are visiting the table, or issued on the most recent trading day if you are visiting the table on a non-trading day.  Note that you can review this information either by type of Press Release issued (by selecting from the navigation at the top of the page), or by Sub-Industry (by clicking on the blue button that appears in the upper right of the following screenshot.

You can visit the data pages of any company that appears in these tables by clicking on the company name.  You must be a Subscriber to access this Feature.