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  • Gold +4.11 (1,648.44)
  • Silver +0.04 (30.01)
  • Copper +0.09 (3.73)
  • WTI Oil +0.32 (101.03)
  • NYMEX Gas -0.01 (2.48)
  • S&P;/TSX -25.77 (12,232.83)

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Our Valuation/Investing/Trading Knowledge Hierarchy is structured so as to provide our Subscribers with (in priority order):

  1. a basic grounding in, and understanding of, business and resource equity valuation principals and concepts (Campbell’s primary background – see his biography), and investment and trading knowledge;
  2. a basic grounding in, and understanding of, ongoing world and country specific economic conditions;
  3. a basic grounding in, and understanding of, ongoing industry specific information;
  4. a detailed understanding of each company they propose to invest or trade in, and have a ready and efficient ability to ‘stay on top’ of each such investment or trade; and,
  5. an ability to readily compare/rank each company of interest to them against their Peer Group Companies.

We continuously work to enhance our website data and data features in order to add to your research capability.  We believe that our Website will save you valuable time, and will bring information to your attention that you otherwise might miss.

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Feature Rationale

The Internet is increasingly about 'Filtered Data' aimed at targeted Website users.  We believe our Resource Company Valuation/Investing/Trading Knowledge Hierarchy will add significantly to your resource research experience, while concurrently saving you significant time and effort!

In a September 2011 Survey, our Subscribers said that aside from our important proprietary research features, on average our website enables ‘research time savings’ of 30%.

Our Valuation/Investing/Trading Knowledge Hierarchy in Pictures