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  • Gold +10.71 (1,654.36)
  • Silver +0.16 (30.15)
  • Copper +0.09 (3.73)
  • WTI Oil +1.70 (100.40)
  • NYMEX Gas -0.20 (2.47)
  • S&P;/TSX -21.52 (12,237.08)

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Our Today’s Filtered News Home Page feature is a daily, hand picked selection of macro-economic news articles. It’s easy to navigate, and click through to original sources.  While not exhaustive information, we work to give you access to information we believe will help you make successful investment decisions.

We continuously work to enhance our Essential Reading feature in order to add to your research capability.  We believe this feature will save you valuable time, and will bring information to your attention that you otherwise might miss.

Please suggest how we can make this feature even more valuable to you.  E-mail us at

Feature Rationale

The Internet is increasingly about 'Filtered Specialized News' aimed at targeted Subscribers.  We believe our Essential Reading news filtering and method of presentation will give you a quick economic and resource news head start on your investing/trading day, while saving you significant time!

How We Bring You Today’s Filtered News :

At Stock Research Portal we believe that intelligent filtering of the vast amount of data available on the Internet is of enormous importance and value to Internet users.  We think this is particularly true for those interested in investing in, and trading, resource sector stocks.  To that end, we have developed and continuously work to improve this feature.  We do that by:

  • reviewing headlines each morning (including Saturday and Sunday) from over 1,000 articles posted on approximately 75 third-party websites.  We use our own proprietary RSS Readers to accumulate those article headlines;
  • continuously adding and deleting third-party website sources from our RSS Readers as we identify new, relevant website sources and delete those we come to believe promote a biased ‘news view’ or carry articles we consider to be of questionable content;
  • posting article headlines we think are particularly relevant to our Subscribers in ten separate economic, financial markets, and resource-specific categories that are accessible from our Home Page;
  • each of those posted articles is accessed by clicking on the article headline.  Each article opens in a new browser window which takes you to the Source Website where you can read or print them.  Think of Stock Research Portal’s Daily Focused Economic and Resource News Feature as a very focused and selective ‘search engine’, where you can access pre-selected ‘searches’; and,
  • retaining filtered article headlines for the current and previous six days.

How To Use Our ‘Daily Economic and Resource Filtered News’ Feature

Step #1 – Visit our Home Page at

Step #2 – Look to the bottom left of our Home Page.

Step #3 – Click on any one of the Daily News Category links shown there.

Step #4 – Click on any headline shown on the resultant webpage.

Step #5 – Read or print the resultant article.