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  • Gold +2.44 (1,646.77)
  • Silver -0.02 (29.95)
  • Copper +0.09 (3.73)
  • WTI Oil +0.30 (101.01)
  • NYMEX Gas -0.01 (2.48)
  • S&P;/TSX -25.77 (12,232.83)

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Our Daily Commentaries E-mail feature offers original commentary on current Economic and Resource News. Written by our Founder, Ian R. Campbell, each commentary links to selected articles, summarizes the salient points in those articles, and adds important and balanced commentary relevant to them.

For the past 40 years Mr. Campbell has rendered opinions on the value of Public and Private Company shareholdings, largely in circumstances of shareholder disputes.  Read Mr. Campbell’s biography

Mr. Campbell’s background gives him unusual insight into economic matters, financial reporting, business valuation, investment matters, resource stocks, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.  Over the past three years many of his commentaries – written with both objectivity and independence in mind – have proven to be quite predictive.

Our Daily Commentaries E-mails are archived – see Commentaries on our Home Page.  The most recent 10 Daily E-mail Commentaries are available only to Subscribers.

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Feature Rationale

The Internet is increasingly about 'Filtered Specialized News' aimed at targeted Subscribers. Available in their entirety only to Subscribers, we believe that our Daily Commentaries E-mail will save you valuable time, provide you with a great deal of ‘food for thought’, and will bring information to your attention that you otherwise might miss.

What Our Subscribers Say About Our Daily Commentaries E-mails

 “Yours is the only newsletter I read daily.  I so much appreciate your synopses of major articles along with the link to and an estimate of reading time.  There's so much stuff about that I can't read it all.  I stumbled into your postings, I don't remember just how, and value them highly.”

“Why is no one else saying what you are saying?  To me the economic situation has been simple, obvious and unreported.”

“This (your commentary content) is exactly what I have been trying to get people around me to understand.”

“The informative part was going over the job situation in the U.S. which I was watching only earlier this morning on the Today Show, and the chuckle is whether or not the US administration is going to come knocking on your door for advice.  I must say I do like your witty writing style.”

“You definitely do not require your thinking straightening out! your right on the ball!”

“ I find the daily e-mail commentaries astute and level-headed."

"I love the way the articles don't seem tainted towards anyone or anything."

“I like your editorials - you strike me as being sincere and not full of a lot of repetitive statements by those trying to get one to subscribe. It makes you very credible."

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