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Last Updated October 25, 2021


Our Process

Company Selection Criteria

All companies and Income Trusts, whose shares or Trust Units listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Toronto Venture Exchange, that participate in the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Oil & Gas Service Industries are included in this website in circumstances where their historic and current data are deemed by Stock Research DD Inc. (“SRDDI”) in its sole discretion to be readily available to SRDDI and they participate in the business categories included in the website.

We have identified what we believe to be the principal business activity and principal country of operation for each company and Income Trust included in this website. In this regard please note:

  • many of these companies and Income Trusts have more than one business activity as we have defined business activity and operate in more than one country;
  • we have not confirmed the appropriateness of our allocations with each company and Income Trust by direct discussion or correspondence;
  • the principal geographic locations and principal business activities of each company included in our website change over time; and,
  • while we attempt to keep up with these changes it may be that principal business activity and geographic area of operation for any given company in our data base at any given point is stale-dated.

For these and other reasons at any given point in time we cannot offer certainty that we have categorized any given company correctly. In the event a company is mis-categorized it will be compared against unlike (in the context of the categorizations) entities.

Company Advertising

We offer paid company advertising on this website. Whether a company or not a company advertises has no bearing on its inclusion or exclusion from the site.


If you are a director, officer, or shareholder in a company or Income Trust that meets the criteria set out in the preceding paragraph:

  • whose data is embedded in this Website but that you believe we have mis-categorized;
  • whose data is not embedded in this Website; and,
  • wish to have your company included in this Website

    please contact SRDDI using the following contact information:

Stock Research DD Inc.
Suite 320
70 University Avenue
Toronto, Canada
M5J 2M4