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StockResearchPortal.com stands apart from other investment research websites in the concentration and the depth of its investment research capabilities.

The website is organized to save time, bringing together much of the information that a corporate buyer would need to analyze businesses and make decisions on acquisitions efficiently.

Its focus is on oil & gas and mining stocks based in resource rich Canada, covering more than 1,500 stocks and income trusts doing business in the sector.

In terms of depth, StockResearchPortal.com allows investors to compare company peer groups daily using more than 35 financial and stock market data metrics. StockResearchPortal.com delivers many distinct, regularly updated data categories.

Eight of these data categories are unique to this website, 6 are advanced from what can be found on other websites, and 11 are difficult to find on other websites

StockResearchPortal.com is a one-stop research site for:

Macro-Economic Data - 6 separate components

Mining and Oil & Gas Industry Data - 3 separate components for each of 8 Industry Categories

Company Research – 17 separate data categories for each

The website’s e-learning centre is written to increase investors’ knowledge and improve communication about oil & gas and mining investment research among individual investors, investment advisors and securities analysts.

The website has been conceived and developed by Ian R. Campbell, a leading Canadian Business Valuation Expert.

Continuously updated company share "Valuation Overview" and industry specific "Valuation Synopses" written specifically for StockResearchPortal.com add to investment knowledge