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  • Gold -5.77 (1,712.15)
  • Silver -0.73 (34.78)
  • Copper -0.03 (3.90)
  • WTI Oil -0.20 (106.50)
  • NYMEX Gas -0.02 (2.47)
  • S&P;/TSX -79.64 (12,643.82)

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Financial Markets News

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03/01/2022 - Trading to Win Inside the Perfect Storm
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03/01/2022 - Royal Bank Of Canada Posts 1Q Profit Of C$1.9 Billion; Hikes Dividend
03/01/2022 - Toronto-Dominion Bank Posts C$1.5 Billion 1Q Profit, Hikes Dividend
03/01/2022 - Running with the bulls
03/01/2022 - Criminal Charges May Be Unlikely in MF Global Case
03/01/2022 - Which Will It Be: Gold is About to Go Way UP or the Dow is About to Go Way DOWN?
02/29/2012 - All Boats Rising?
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02/28/2012 - Gold and Silver Stocks Poised to Recover in 2012: Charles Oliver and Jamie Horvat
02/28/2012 - S&P; 500 Closes at 44-Month High
02/28/2012 - David Rosenberg: “It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!”
02/28/2012 - When Will Inflation Expectations & Stocks Stop Moving In Lockstep?
02/28/2012 - Barclays Survey: Crude oil gold copper may be the best performers in 2012
02/27/2012 - One of the Best Things Going in the Main Street Economy Today
02/27/2012 - Eric Sprott: Investment Outlook (February 24, 2022)
02/27/2012 - 3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devasation ahead
02/26/2012 - 5 Essential Strategies for Prospering in Today’s Markets
02/25/2012 - David Rosenberg Presents The Six Pins That Can Pop The Complacency Bubble
02/25/2012 - Greek CDS worries fade ahead of debt swap
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