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Oil & Gas News

11/01/2022 - Does U.S. shale mean cheap global oil by 2020?
10/31/2012 - Fracking Regulation And Its Impact On America’s Energy Boom
10/31/2012 - Eastern oil pipeline feasible, TransCanada says
10/31/2012 - The dual loyalties behind CNOOC’s push for global growth
10/30/2012 - Scotiabank sees 'critical need' to get Alberta oil to B.C. for export
10/30/2012 - Canadian Oil Sands warns of drop in cash levels, higher debt
10/29/2012 - Global Oil Supply Glut?
10/27/2012 - Shale's Silver Lining
10/27/2012 - US Oil Sands Receives Permission to Mine Without Pollution Permit
10/26/2012 - Ireland's 1.6 billion-barrel oil awakening
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