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Precious Metals News

11/01/2022 - Rick Rule - There Is Spectacular Demand For Gold Right Now
11/01/2022 - Is Silver Money?
10/31/2012 - Romney Election Bad News for Gold
10/30/2012 - The $1 Gold Bar
10/30/2012 - Don't let a short-term correction fool you into selling your gold - Holmes
10/30/2012 - Gold 'Lacks Upside Drivers,' but Support at $1,700
10/30/2012 - Why Precious Metals Will Be Best Safe Haven Assets
10/29/2012 - Rising Deflation Concerns Could Cause Gold to Plummet Dramatically – Here’s Why
10/29/2012 - This China News Supports Higher Silver Prices in 2013
10/29/2012 - Germany says overseas Gold is a quick collateral for forex
10/27/2012 - Silver Demand In China For Wealth Protection to Climb to Record 7,700 Tons
10/27/2012 - Golden Stability vs. Fiat Currency Chaos – Part II
10/27/2012 - Silver Futures – Concentration, Confidence & COT
10/27/2012 - African Barrick lowers guidance after ‘challenging’ quarter
10/27/2012 - Platinum needs fundamental change, says Anglo’s Carroll in step-down media meet
10/27/2012 - Conga delay undermines Peru perception
10/25/2012 - Why I Bailed on Gold.
10/25/2012 - Gold & Silver Mining Stocks – Still Worth Your Investment?
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