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Economic News

11/01/2022 - British parliament rejects EU budget, cornering Cameron
11/01/2022 - Asia is of growing importance for German trade
11/01/2022 - U.S. Housing Rebound
11/01/2022 - Jobless in the Crisis: Euro-Zone Unemployment Higher than Ever Before
11/01/2022 - Renminbi Rising
11/01/2022 - Youth unemployment: The big question
11/01/2022 - China official manufacturing PMI points to a return to expansion
11/01/2022 - Not a Polar Bear in Sight: Arctic Ocean Diaries No. 11
11/01/2022 - Support for Mali intervention grows
11/01/2022 - Unemployment rises in Italy
11/01/2022 - Russia, China seek stronger economic ties
11/01/2022 - CIBC warns Canadian government on housing market: 'Careful what you wish for'
11/01/2022 - Spanish bad bank faces struggle to lure property investors
11/01/2022 - China deals would leave Canada a resource colony: critics
11/01/2022 - Spain's bailout delay puts country at risk of even deeper trouble
11/01/2022 - Canadian economy's first decline in 6 months a reminder of global risks
10/31/2012 - Hollande to unveil economic 'action plan'
10/31/2012 - NBG to hold new shareholder vote on Eurobank deal
10/31/2012 - Budget provides for 4.5 pct contraction
10/31/2012 - The Fed’s Quantitative Easing May Boost Commodity Prices
10/31/2012 - Economic Weakness Begets More Weakness
10/31/2012 - Elections in Ukraine: Yanukovych Consolidates Power Seat-by-Seat
10/31/2012 - China’s rail cargo volume stabilised in September
10/31/2012 - Chinese Yuan has weakened against Euro since the summer while it strengthens against USD
10/31/2012 - Megatrends in Global Interaction
10/31/2012 - U.S. housing prices increase further in August: S&P;
10/31/2012 - Spain recession drags on with no aid in sight
10/31/2012 - Containing Canada’s household debt problem requires ‘vigilance’ by all, says Bank’s Carney
10/30/2012 - Australia unveils plans to profit from Asia's rise
10/30/2012 - German wages rise on booming economy
10/30/2012 - Municipal workers walk off job on weekend
10/30/2012 - Quantitative Easing: Are People Finally Figuring Out It Doesn’t Work?
10/30/2012 - Worried about the fiscal cliff? Then you’re a Keynesian.
10/30/2012 - Nicole Foss And Max Keiser Talk Greed, Fear, Downward Spirals And Risk Divisions
10/30/2012 - Where the US GDP growth is: housing and defense spending
10/30/2012 - German joblessness rises for seventh straight month in October
10/30/2012 - Flaherty cuts Canada's 2013 growth forecast
10/30/2012 - Spain remains vague over bailout request as Italy pushes for ECB bond program
10/30/2012 - Spain's economy marches from bad to worse, but still no bailout
10/29/2012 - German troops making peace with war
10/29/2012 - Troika refuses to make concessions on labor reforms, says FinMin
10/29/2012 - One In Five UK Workers Earning Less Than “Living Wage”: KPMG
10/29/2012 - How the fiscal cliff would affect the poorest Americans
10/29/2012 - Deflation: What You Need to Know (and Fear) & How to Prepare for Such an Eventuality
10/29/2012 - Rick Rule: The Fed is Now “Pushing On a String”
10/29/2012 - Italian Markets Are Tanking — And These Ominous Comments From Berlusconi May Be Why
10/29/2012 - Analysis: Euro zone ponders best path to "GEMU"
10/28/2012 - Is the U.S. growing, or just issuing debt?
10/28/2012 - N.Y. state widens Libor probe
10/28/2012 - Here's A Massive Mistake That Analysts Make When Examining China
10/28/2012 - German finance minister rules out Greek debt "haircut": radio
10/28/2012 - ECB's Draghi backs Schaeuble's "currency commissioner": Spiegel
10/27/2012 - German consumer mood lifts as recession fears recede
10/27/2012 - Dutch not willing to give Greece more time
10/27/2012 - The “Renminbi Bloc”: China’s next step to the end of dollar supremacy
10/27/2012 - Greece deal delayed by troika discord, government quarrels
10/27/2012 - Spain jobless spillover worries neighbors
10/27/2012 - 'Fiscal cliff' warnings rise to (overblown?) pitch
10/27/2012 - One Million Jobs Already Lost Due to Fiscal Cliff
10/27/2012 - U.S. GDP Growth: Slam Dunk on a 3-Foot Hoop
10/27/2012 - Consumers drive growth as businesses hold back
10/27/2012 - The U.S. consumer is back! Spending spree boosts GDP above expectations
10/27/2012 - Greece eurozone exit still a possibility: Germany
10/27/2012 - Six Canadian banks on review for Moody’s downgrade
10/27/2012 - UBS to slash up to 10,000 jobs worldwide as investment bank shrinks: source
10/26/2012 - What the Eventual Dismantling of the Eurozone Will Cost the U.S.
10/26/2012 - New Home Sales - Not As Strong As Headlines Suggest
10/26/2012 - Japan heads for recession
10/26/2012 - British economy grew in third quarter
10/26/2012 - Canada's work-life balance more off-kilter than ever
10/26/2012 - Durable goods orders surged in September
10/26/2012 - Two Top Economists Predict Gloomy Start to 2013
10/26/2012 - With Fiscal Cliff Looming, Investment Stalls
10/26/2012 - ECB cannot solve root causes of banking crisis: Praet
10/26/2012 - Without Demand, Manufacturing Can’t Pump Up Output or Jobs
10/26/2012 - Here Comes A Major Weekend For Greece
10/26/2012 - Consumers seen lifting GDP despite business caution
10/26/2012 - Spain unemployment hits record high at 25 percent
10/25/2012 - Germany backs Mali intervention, but not with weapons
10/25/2012 - Gold takes a sigh as US Federal Reserve leaves QE to its own
10/25/2012 - John Taylor: “Quantitative Easing Has Diminishing Returns”
10/25/2012 - IMF says no deal yet on Greece
10/25/2012 - Spanish parliament passes 2013 austerity budget
10/25/2012 - Eurozone Downturn Deepens, PMI at 40-Month Low; Manufacturing Weakness in Germany; Considerable Service and Manufacturing Contraction in France
10/25/2012 - A Ford plant’s demise tells the euro’s tale
10/25/2012 - German manufacturing weakens, growth cut
10/25/2012 - Foreclosure wave cost neighbors $2 trillion
10/25/2012 - Portugal: IMF Completes Fifth Review Under an EFF Arrangement with Portugal, Approves €1.5 Billion Disbursement
10/25/2012 - Home prices cooling across Canada as mortgage rules keep some buyers on sidelines
10/25/2012 - Fed's 'spending spree' case of 'desperate measures in non-desperate times': Einhorn
10/25/2012 - Oil sands to benefit all of Canada, not just Alberta: Conference Board
10/25/2012 - Europe's debt crisis to last another 18 months at least: Goldman economist
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