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12/16/2011 - Shale gas resources may spark manufacturing growth in the U S
12/01/2022 - Natural Gas to weaken on surplus inventory average weather
11/19/2011 - U.S. Has 3rd Largest Natural Gas Field in the World – Which Other Countries are Included in theTop 10?
11/08/2021 - Can America Use All This Natural Gas From Shale?
10/31/2011 - India natural gas demand to rise 150% in 6 years: Oil Ministry
10/30/2011 - Tech Talk - The Niobrara, the Tuscaloosa and the Chattanooga shales
10/26/2011 - The Pennsylvania Shale Gas Revolution
10/25/2011 - Mozambique: A Burgeoning Gas Exploration Hotspot
10/08/2021 - Kitmat, B.C.: Ground zero in the race to fuel Asia
10/02/2022 - Global natural gas prices vary considerably
09/30/2011 - Markets indicate possible natural gas pipeline constraints in the Northeast this winter
09/30/2011 - Shale Gas—It Ain't Everything They Said It Would Be
09/30/2011 - Shale gas gives plastics sector new lease on life
09/29/2011 - Potential upside seen in US natural gas on new regulation
09/28/2011 - Shale gas producers facing increased scrutiny
09/26/2011 - Fracking Coming to the UK Following Massive Natural Gas Discovery in Lancashire
09/18/2011 - Turkey, Egypt to Drill for Natural Gas in the Mediterranean, Threatening Israel’s Energy Dreams
09/13/2011 - Gas Market Q4 Outlook
09/09/2021 - Oil industry backs more rules for fracking
09/08/2021 - Argentina to Import Three Times More Natural Gas Than in 2010
09/08/2021 - South Africa Awaits Shale Gas Assessment Outcome
09/08/2021 - The Future of Natural Gas
09/02/2022 - Don’t Count on Natural Gas to Solve US Energy Problems
08/31/2011 - Natural Gas Prices and the Bottom of the Resource Triangle
08/31/2011 - Pennsylvania drives Northeast natural gas production growth
08/31/2011 - Fracking is here to stay
08/30/2011 - Natural Gas: The Squeeze at the Bottom of the Resource Triangle
08/20/2011 - U.S. natural gas consumption for electric power tops industrial consumption
08/17/2011 - 7 Ways the Oil and Gas Industry is Buying Fracking Policy
08/05/2022 - U.S. Shale Gas: Less Abundance, Higher Cost
08/04/2022 - The Utica Shale: The Next US Oil Surprise?
07/23/2011 - China natural gas output up 7% in H1 2011
07/17/2011 - The 10 Countries Sitting On A Huge Fortune Of Natural Gas
07/12/2021 - Examining the Risks and Rewards of the US Shale Boom
07/12/2021 - Get Ready for the North American Gas Shock
07/08/2021 - China Looking to Develop Domestic Shale Gas Resources
07/08/2021 - Natural Gas: The New Gasoline
07/02/2022 - Natural gas consumption has two peaks each year
06/30/2011 - Exposing the Demonizers of Shale Gas
06/27/2011 - How Shale Gas Might Transform the Energy Markets
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