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12/27/2011 - Defying the Euro Crisis: Will German Growth Stall in 2012?
12/24/2011 - European Central Bank Loses Its Virginity
12/16/2011 - Greater Risks for Taxpayers: German Bundesbank Wary of IMF Help for Europe
12/09/2021 - EU States to Send IMF $267 Billion in New Crisis Fight
12/02/2022 - Thoughts on Europe, November 2010 and December 2011
12/01/2022 - Déjà Vu? Eurozone Crisis Today vs. 2008 Subprime Crisis (Sonders)
11/25/2011 - Can Gold Help to Resolve the Eurozone Debt Crisis?
11/25/2011 - The World from Berlin: 'The Crisis Has Hit the Entire Core of the Euro Zone'
11/25/2011 - Europe: After the crisis
11/25/2011 - Fitch Downgrades Portugal To Junk On General Strike Day
11/25/2011 - More than one reason for resilient euro
11/24/2011 - Is it time for Germany to hit the panic button?
11/24/2011 - Global Growth Hopes Fade
11/23/2011 - Sovereign spreads and banks’ fragility
11/22/2011 - Europe's Largest Economy Grinding to a Halt
11/22/2011 - SPENCE: Can Italy Be Saved?
11/22/2011 - Hungary asks EC, IMF for aid
11/21/2011 - Saving Spain: Honeymoon Unlikely for New Prime Minister
11/21/2011 - Socialists dealt crushing defeat as PP obtains absolute majority
11/21/2011 - The euro will survive – and Britain will join, says Michael Heseltine
11/21/2011 - European steel demand falls as debt crisis persist
11/20/2011 - Spain votes in general elections dominated by the country’s financial crisis
11/19/2011 - Still no big bazooka
11/19/2011 - The Coming European Superstate That Germany Plans To Cram Down The Throats Of The Rest Of Europe
11/18/2011 - The Bund, the bad and the ugly
11/18/2011 - “To Save the Euro, We Must Destroy Germany”
11/18/2011 - Spain's benchmark bond yield climbs to bailout level
11/17/2011 - We’re in the Middle of a Run on Europe - And It’s Gonna Get Worse
11/16/2011 - What About Spain?
11/16/2011 - Will Anyone Rescue Europe from Crisis?
11/16/2011 - Clinging to a Bankrupt Monetary System
11/16/2011 - Germany's Central Bank against the World
11/16/2011 - Youth unemployment to surge past 1m as jobs crisis unfolds
11/15/2011 - European Debt Crisis Threatens the Dollar
11/15/2011 - Stronger than Expected Growth: German Economy Defies Crisis
11/14/2011 - Berlin Considers Stronger Sanctions: US and Israel Demand Greater Measures against Tehran
11/13/2011 - Worst-Case Scenarios: Berlin Prepares for Possible Greek Exit from Euro Zone
11/12/2021 - Fiscal union or bust?
11/12/2021 - German police say more than 10,000 are protesting against the banks’ dominance
11/12/2021 - The credibility of fiscal policies
11/12/2021 - The public is ignorant of Gold's worth at a time when Euro is dying
11/11/2021 - Italy stares into recession abyss
11/11/2021 - Downgrade Downer: France Angry at Credit Rating Gaffe
11/11/2021 - Wobbling Domino: What Comes Next for Troubled Italy?
11/11/2021 - Could the Euro Trigger A 2008-Like Crash? Si, Oui, Yes.
11/11/2021 - A Beginner’s Guide to the European Debt Crisis
11/11/2021 - ROUBINI: Down with the Eurozone
11/11/2021 - Italy Update – Collateral Effects (Goldman)
11/11/2021 - France, the New Elephant in the Room
11/11/2021 - Recession Risk Grows for Euro Region as Commission Reduces 2012 Forecast
11/11/2021 - Barclays Capital: Italy Headed for Eventual Default – Here’s Why
11/10/2021 - James Turk - Expect Cataclysmic Events in the Coming Weeks
11/10/2021 - Italy Bond Attack Breaches Euro Defenses
11/10/2021 - John Authers on eurozone remedies
11/10/2021 - RODRIK: Europe’s Next Nightmare
11/10/2021 - A Financial Nightmare For Italy: The Yield Curve For Italian Bonds Is Turning Upside Down
11/10/2021 - Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: “Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return”
11/10/2021 - Roman Empire Under Pressure: Margin Call of 4-5 Billion Euros as Clearing House Raises Deposit Requirements on Italian Bonds
11/09/2021 - The World from Berlin: 'Berlusconi Is a Joke, Behind Him Is a Void'
11/09/2021 - IMF surveillance of the Eurozone: Quo Vadis?
11/09/2021 - Belusconi’s Last Stand?
11/09/2021 - Berlusconi promises to resign when reforms approved
11/08/2021 - Euro Crisis Hits Rome: Berlusconi's Main Ally Tells Him to Quit
11/08/2021 - Understanding the Real Implications of a Greek Default
11/07/2021 - Where Will the Jobs Come From?
11/07/2021 - Top German Economist: 'It's in Greece's Interest to Reintroduce the Drachma'
11/07/2021 - 'Run For Your Lives': Euro Zone Considers Solution of Last Resort
11/07/2021 - Four Main Reasons Europe is Likely to Collapse
11/07/2021 - The Entire Global Economy is at the Mercy of Tiny Greece?
11/07/2021 - French PM Announces New Budget Cuts
11/02/2022 - Greece: The Most Powerful Country in the World
11/01/2022 - Jim Rogers : New Greece Deal Cannot Save Europe
11/01/2022 - Papandreou calls for referendum on EU debt deal
10/31/2011 - SPIEGEL Interview with Finance Minister Schäuble: 'Germany Does Not Want to Rule Europe'
10/31/2011 - Chinese investment in Europe not a 'question of choice'
10/30/2011 - Analysis: European Union debt deal
10/29/2011 - Euro Bailouts - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
10/29/2011 - What the EU Deal Really Means
10/29/2011 - ECON WEEKLY: Europe’s Dying Bank Model
10/29/2011 - Be Honest – The European Debt Deal Was Really A Greek Debt Default
10/28/2011 - LGMR: Eurozone Optimism "May Fade" as "Devil in Details" mean "Endgame Could Be Default or Hyperinflation"
10/28/2011 - EZ rescue or recession? Fallout of the October 2011 package
10/28/2011 - EU Leaders Throw Europe a Plutonium Life Preserver
10/28/2011 - Europe Tries To Kick The Can Down The Road But It Will Only Lead To Financial Disaster
10/28/2011 - Greek PM Says 50 Percent Haircut Means Debt Now Sustainable
10/28/2011 - EU leaders burn midnight oil at marathon debt summit
10/27/2011 - Euro summit ends with a whimper
10/27/2011 - Europe Agrees to Agree on Plan to Rescue the Euro
10/27/2011 - Coordinating bank failure costs and financial stability: Lessons for the EZ
10/27/2011 - Charlie Munger: Euro Leaders Behind the Curve on Crisis
10/26/2011 - European summits in ivory towers
10/26/2011 - Right Now, The Whole World Is Waiting For Berlusconi To Write A Letter
10/25/2011 - Controversial Leveraging Plan: German Parliament Expected To Hold Full Vote on EFSF
10/25/2011 - Risky Business: Merkel Gambles on Parliamentary Support for Euro Backstop
10/24/2011 - Banks and Europe clash over Greek debt deal
10/24/2011 - Meanwhile, The Entire European Economy Looks Like A Horror Show
10/24/2011 - Goldman: 6 Things We Learned From This Weekend's Meeting In Europe
10/24/2011 - The Four Scariest Words In The English Language
10/23/2011 - EU leaders press Italy for reform at crisis summit
10/23/2011 - EU leaders frame deal on bank capital ahead of summit
10/23/2011 - Michael Lewis on Greece's budget woes
10/23/2011 - A New Hurdle for Europe: German Parliament Slows Euro Rescue Decisions
10/23/2011 - Merkel expects breakthrough on euro zone crisis Wednesday
10/23/2011 - EU ready for decisive measures on debt crisis: French PM
10/23/2011 - Highlights: Comments from European Union leaders' summit
10/23/2011 - EU leaders press Italy for reform at crisis summit
10/23/2011 - Bombshell Report Says Eurozone Meeting Is Filled With Despair, As German-French Relations Collapse
10/22/2011 - Greece may need 60 percent bond writedown; EU at odds
10/22/2011 - Bigger French bank losses on Greek debt urged: report
10/22/2011 - Will the eurozone break up? This chart will tell you
10/21/2011 - ‘The Greek Collapse’: a must-see special
10/21/2011 - The Two Biggest Risks In Europe
10/20/2011 - Grand plan needed now
10/20/2011 - German government predicts 2012 growth to drop to 1 percent amid market uncertainty
10/20/2011 - Greece paralyzed on second day of general strike ahead of austerity vote
10/20/2011 - This afternoon's latest euro rumor is terrible news for banks
10/19/2011 - Spain downgrade adds pressure, Merkel & Sarkozy to talk
10/19/2011 - France's triple-A risk
10/19/2011 - Looking Ahead as Greece Prepares for the “Mother of All Strikes”
10/19/2011 - EU bank failures will crash Wall Street — again
10/19/2011 - S&P; downgrades 24 Italian banks, financial firms
10/18/2011 - Italy and Spain need ‘bazooka’ to avoid insolvency: Roubini
10/18/2011 - The Next Domino?: Top Economists Warn of France Downgrade
10/18/2011 - French finance chief says 2012 growth estimate may be too high
10/18/2011 - Moody's Reiterates France's Aaa Rating With A Stable Outlook, But...
10/17/2011 - Drowning in debt, EU hits moment of truth
10/17/2011 - Europe's lost decade as $7 trillion loan crunch looms
10/17/2011 - Greek debt write-down must be larger: German finance minister
10/17/2011 - European Rally Collapses After German Finance Minister Says What Everyone Already Knew
10/17/2011 - Europe rejects U.S., IMF recommendations on debt crisis, stirring doubts about plan
10/16/2011 - Peak Oil and the European Debt Crisis
10/16/2011 - G20 will keep IMF well-funded in hint of larger role in euro zone crisis
10/14/2011 - Train Track Attacks: Debate over 'Leftist Terrorism' Erupts in Germany
10/14/2011 - Portugal Warns of Severe Cuts, Tax Hikes
10/14/2011 - S&P; downgrades Spain one notch
10/14/2011 - Greeks take to the streets
10/13/2011 - The Eurozone Must Follow The U.K. To Resolve Its Crisis
10/12/2021 - French govt finalizes Dexia guarantee bill
10/12/2021 - S&P; downgrades Spain's banking sector
10/11/2021 - The World from Berlin: 'EU Leaders Are Staring at Markets Like Rabbits at a Snake'
10/11/2021 - Europe warned of systemic crisis over debt
10/11/2021 - Pending bailout vote in Slovakia weighs on markets
10/10/2021 - An entire system of global trade is at risk
10/10/2021 - France, Belgium agree to nationalize troubled Dexia bank
10/10/2021 - Crisis package coming by end of month: Merkel, Sarkozy
10/10/2021 - Dexia collapse puts European banks in crosshairs
10/09/2021 - IMF mission chief says Greece is at crossroads: paper
10/09/2021 - Dexia Board Is Meeting Today To Discuss A Possible Breakup
10/08/2021 - Moody's says may downgrade Belgium's credit rating
10/08/2021 - Fitch hits Italy, Spain with downgrade
10/07/2021 - Must-read article explains the simple mistake behind the euro's massive crisis
10/07/2021 - ECB throws lifeline to banks as risks ‘intensify’
10/06/2021 - Bank Recapitalization is an Inadequate Panacea for Eurozone's Woes
10/06/2021 - And So It Begins – The First Major European Bank Has Been Bailed Out And More Bailouts Are Coming
10/06/2021 - Some Surprisingly Bad Economic News In Germany
10/06/2021 - Bank of England launches QE2
10/06/2021 - Europe’s banks need up to 200 billion euros: IMF
10/05/2022 - Moody's cuts Italy credit rating by three notches
10/05/2022 - Greek civil servants walk off job on 24-hour strike against austerity; flights grounded
10/05/2022 - Euro-zone August Retail Sales Fell 0.3%
10/05/2022 - Up to $266-billion needed for Europe’s banks: IMF
10/05/2022 - Moody’s cuts Italy’s bond rating
10/04/2022 - S&P;: 40% Chance Of Double-dip European Recession
10/04/2022 - Tuesday’s key developments in Europe’s debt crisis
10/03/2022 - Eurozone set to struggle over Greek bailout after Athens warns it will miss budget targets
10/03/2022 - Greece to miss deficit targets
10/02/2022 - 'Europe Can Breathe Easier' after Crunch Vote
10/01/2022 - Prophets Of Doom: 12 Shocking Quotes From Insiders About The Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost Here
10/01/2022 - Taxing the wealthy only way out of euro zone mess
09/30/2011 - Eurozone inflation jumps to 3 percent in September, highest since October 2008
09/30/2011 - Striking workers occupy ministry in Athens, forcing delay of Greek debt inspectors meeting
09/30/2011 - Barroso slams French-German EU proposal
09/30/2011 - Germany says yes, what’s next?
09/30/2011 - Growing Greek civil unrest
09/29/2011 - Everyone's Realizing That Europe Has A Much Bigger Problem Than Debt
09/29/2011 - Nokia to slash 3,500 jobs by 2012
09/28/2011 - Euro Zone Timeline: Key Coming Events
09/28/2011 - The ridiculous euro news that stopped today's rally in its tracks
09/28/2011 - SHOCKER: European Leaders Disagree On The Next Step For Greece
09/28/2011 - International auditors descend on Greece
09/27/2011 - A simple explanation of today's "last ditch" euro bailout
09/27/2011 - GEITHNER: I've Finally Scared The Crap Out Of Europe, Huge Bailout Coming Soon
09/27/2011 - Euro zone cobbling together bigger bailout package
09/26/2011 - Currency Crisis: German Central Bank Opposed to Merkel's Euro Course
09/26/2011 - Under fire, Europe works to bolster debt crisis fund
09/25/2011 - What You Need To Know About The Rumored Bazooka To Save The Eurozone -- And Why It May Have Already Failed
09/24/2011 - Ireland: turning the corner?
09/23/2011 - TA: Europe’s Triple Threat
09/21/2011 - Most Headlines Now Show French Bank Run Has Started, And It's Happening Just As Our Research Anticipated
09/21/2011 - The S&P; Downgrade Of Italy And The Real Elephant In The Piazza
09/21/2011 - Euro breakup threat 'greatly exaggerated:' Fitch
09/21/2011 - European bank outlook chilled by client jitters
09/20/2011 - The Euro Crisis Hits Berlin: Merkel's Authority Is on the Wane
09/20/2011 - Top manager Hussman: 100% chance Greece will default
09/20/2011 - The Most Stunning Part Of S&P;'s Downgrade Of Italy
09/20/2011 - Greek default not imminent, euro not dead yet
09/20/2011 - Global stock markets braced for further turmoil after S&P; downgrades Italy
09/20/2011 - Eurozone contagion spreading, World Bank's Zoellick warns
09/19/2011 - Bob Chapman - The EU Debt Bubble: The Eurozone is Crumbling
09/19/2011 - Interactive Infographic Of The Doomed European Financial System
09/19/2011 - I Will Fly In The Face Of Common Wisdom & Walk Through A Run On BNP On International Television
09/19/2011 - Greek cabinet meets to decide more austerity steps
09/19/2011 - Q&A;: Zoellick on the Euro-Zone Crisis and Growth Risks
09/18/2011 - Is September 20 Greek Default Day?
09/17/2011 - Moody's to conclude Italy review within month
09/17/2011 - Europe’s banks get a lifeline - for now
09/16/2011 - Economists Put Even Odds on Euro Zone Breakup
09/16/2011 - Europe risks Great Depression: Soros
09/16/2011 - Central banks to the rescue
09/15/2011 - Beijing as the Euro's Savior: Europe and China Bound by Mutual Fears
09/15/2011 - European Debt Crisis Easing
09/15/2011 - Defaults and Downgrades Backpack Across Europe
09/15/2011 - Switzerland's Safe-Haven Status Described In One Sentence
09/15/2011 - Time for Germany to make its fateful choice
09/15/2011 - Euro zone crisis? It’s more like Armageddon
09/14/2011 - Top central banker blasts euro insanity: "Greece should default, and default big"
09/14/2011 - IT'S OFFICIAL: Nobody In Europe Has Any Idea What's Going On
09/14/2011 - Moody’s downgrades two of France’s top banks
09/13/2011 - Italy: An economy in denial
09/13/2011 - 20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe
09/13/2011 - Don't bet on China saving the eurozone
09/13/2011 - An Excellent Greece Overview From Goldman
09/13/2011 - The new face of homelessness in Europe
09/13/2011 - Italy's debt woes fuel new fears
09/13/2011 - What a Greek default would look like
09/13/2011 - Greek default preferable to quitting the euro
09/12/2021 - Goldman Calls For QE In Europe: "How Far Can The ECB Go In Using Its Balance Sheet. ...
09/12/2021 - Crucial Italy austerity package enters home stretch
09/12/2021 - KABOOM: European Banks Are Getting Smashed Today
09/12/2021 - Germany moves fast to ease ECB tension
09/11/2021 - Euro-Zone Scenarios: German Finance Minister Prepares for Possible Greek Bankruptcy
09/11/2021 - Euro Bank Drama Takes A Turn For The Worse As French Banks Brace For Downgrades By Moody's (BNP, SCGLY, ACA)
09/11/2021 - Some Actual Good News On Greece...
09/10/2021 - The incredible shrinking Portuguese firm
09/10/2021 - The U.S. View on Europe From the G-7 Talks
09/10/2021 - D-Day for Greece - New Goldman Report Sends European Markets Reeling Again
09/10/2021 - Greece may face euro exit: Flaherty
09/10/2021 - Second German quits ECB board in bond row
09/10/2021 - Markets tumble after ECB discord
09/10/2021 - Greece dismisses default rumours
09/09/2021 - Europe is Out of Time, Breakup Inevitable
09/09/2021 - Eurozone political crisis deepens
09/09/2021 - Chinese consumer stimulus 'good for Europe'
09/08/2021 - Swiss Government Ruins Franc
09/08/2021 - 'If the Euro Fails, Europe Fails': Merkel Says EU Must Be Bound Closer Together
09/08/2021 - Ireland economy shows even euro zone bright spots are ‘clouded’
09/08/2021 - European Financial Crisis Pits North Against South
09/08/2021 - What Switzerland's shock currency move means for you
09/08/2021 - Greeks step up anti-austerity strikes
09/08/2021 - Spanish teachers: Back to school in a grumpy mood
09/07/2021 - Europe’s Economic Woes in Pictures
09/07/2021 - German Court Rejects Suits To Block Euro Bailouts
09/07/2021 - 20 Quotes From European Leaders That Prove That They Know That The Financial System In Europe Is Doomed
09/07/2021 - Franc plunges as Swiss SET euro-franc floor
09/07/2021 - History points to fiscal solution to EU crisis
09/07/2021 - Currency speculators will test Switzerland’s resolve
09/07/2021 - Italy eyes more austerity measures
09/06/2021 - Italian government to call confidence vote on austerity
09/06/2021 - Euro-Explosion: Tax-Crazed Govts Act as Catalyst for Revolt
09/06/2021 - Bring Out Your Dead - UBS Quantifies Costs Of Euro Break Up, Warns Of Collapse Of Banking ...
09/06/2021 - Eurocalypse Trading Update 9/6/2011: 100% On Point On Bearish Call, Despite Nasty Bear Market Rally!!!
09/06/2021 - Welcome to phase 2 of the Eurozone (EZ) crisis
09/06/2021 - Italian President warns on "alarming" debt signals
09/06/2021 - Italy and Greece worries shake euro zone
09/06/2021 - The world's last "safe haven" currency is no longer safe
09/06/2021 - Huge General Strike Hits Italy
09/06/2021 - European Credit Is Wider And Entering A New Phase Of Risk Aversion
09/06/2021 - Greek Debt: Being Given Away And Still Overpriced?
09/06/2021 - Berlin Lays Groundwork for a Two-Speed Europe
09/05/2022 - Europe faces week of challenges in debt crisis
09/05/2022 - Bad News For The EU: Angela Merkel's Party Suffers Historic Loss In Regional Election
09/05/2022 - The Weekend Is Over* And The Euro Heads Lower
09/05/2022 - The Imminent Failure Of The Eurozone
09/05/2022 - EU, IMF officials suspend Greek debt inspection
09/05/2022 - German court case puts bailouts in crosshairs
09/04/2022 - German FDP calls delay in Greek talks blow to euro
09/03/2022 - Greek bailout program hits new roadblocks as IMF, E.U. officials break off talks
09/02/2022 - Eurozone debt crisis: a political train wreck
09/02/2022 - Talks Over $8 Billion In Bailout Funds Stalled After Greeks Miss Reform Goals
09/02/2022 - Why Unemployment Is About To Surge
09/02/2022 - Spanish Consumers And Savers Take A Forced Siesta
09/02/2022 - European Central Bank ramps up pressure on Italy
09/01/2022 - Spain raises $5.2-billion (U.S.) in debt auction
09/01/2022 - Greek finance chief slams gloomy budget report
09/01/2022 - Shaw kills wireless network plan
08/31/2011 - What's New In The "Avoid Debt Destruction By Any Means" European Soap Opera Today? What Else, Debt Destruction!
08/31/2011 - Eurobond Becoming More Likely - Poland's Belka
08/31/2011 - Euro-zone Annual Inflation Steady At 2.5% In Aug.
08/31/2011 - Head of Euro-Zone Bailout Fund: 'The Crisis Will Be Over in Two to Three Years'
08/31/2011 - Italy’s borrowing costs fall in bond sale
08/30/2011 - Euro zone economic climate worsens
08/30/2011 - Poland’s economic activity up 4.3 pct on the year in Q2, a bit slower than previous quarters
08/28/2011 - Swiss Fear the End of Economic Paradise
08/27/2011 - Regional Weakness Taking Its Toll On German Consumer Confidence
08/25/2011 - How France Can Save Itself (And Thereby Save The World)
08/24/2011 - Burning Cars: Germany Struggles to Quell Arson Problem
08/24/2011 - General strike called over Italy's austerity package
08/23/2011 - The Rebels Reach Tripoli: NATO's Success Marks Bitter Failure for Merkel
08/23/2011 - Markets Push Europe Toward Fiscal Union
08/22/2011 - Germany's Merkel Again Rules Out Euro Bonds
08/22/2011 - Bank boss calls for EU finance minister
08/20/2011 - More 'denial and delay' in the eurozone
08/20/2011 - Banks, entwined in government debt, contribute to Europe’s dimming outlook
08/19/2011 - Damning Poll on Leadership: Germans Don't Trust Merkel to Handle Euro Crisis
08/19/2011 - Greek 2011 GDP fall to be worse than thought: finmin
08/19/2011 - DAVIES/SHILLER: Europe’s Financial Wasteland
08/18/2011 - The European Central Bank as a lender of last resort
08/18/2011 - Eurozone crisis: Are we losing the patient?
08/18/2011 - The Market Bloodbath Gets Worse: European Banks Getting Smashed Again
08/17/2011 - Euro zone plan gets cool reception
08/16/2011 - The Bull Argument For Europe Is Credible, Except For The Circular Argument: You Can't Solve Debt Problems With More Debt!!!
08/16/2011 - Argentine lessons for Europe: Sovereign debt and banking crises
08/16/2011 - German Growth Slows More Than Expected
08/16/2011 - Euro-zone Growth Slows To 0.2% In Second Quarter
08/15/2011 - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: 'There Is No Unlimited Support'
08/15/2011 - German ministers reiterate ‘no’ to jointly guaranteed European sovereign debt bonds
08/15/2011 - A three-pillar solution to the Eurozone crisis
08/15/2011 - Eurobonds needed "fast," says German export group
08/15/2011 - Why you need to keep an eye on Europe this week
08/15/2011 - Regions' unpaid bills reach the 50-billion-euro mark
08/14/2011 - The World From Berlin: Germans Ask, 'Could It Happen Here?'
08/14/2011 - Italy and UK press case for deeper euro zone fiscal ties
08/14/2011 - German experts say Greece needs further haircut: report
08/14/2011 - Spanish Authorities Accumulated 50 Billion Euros of Unpaid Bills
08/13/2011 - Spanish towns face funding crisis, rack up debts amid rising anger over cutbacks
08/12/2021 - SocGen CEO Dismisses Rumors, Says France Is Not US - He's Right, But It May Be Worse And Bank Run Can't Be Ruled Out!!!
08/12/2021 - China worried about EU, urges action on debt
08/12/2021 - French finmin: we will meet GDP and deficit goals
08/12/2021 - Greek Economy Shrinks 6.9% In a Year
08/12/2021 - Sovereign Risk Crunch: Asian Banks Commence Cutting Credit Lines To French Banks, Sparking Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
08/12/2021 - Franc Weakens as Swiss Central Bank Says Peg Against Euro Would Be Legal
08/11/2021 - Just As Predicted Over The Past Month, The French Bank Run Seems To Have Commenced
08/11/2021 - The eurozone crisis won't go away - that's bad news for stocks
08/09/2021 - GERMAN CREDIT RISK: An Ominous New Phase In The European Crisis?
08/08/2021 - Italy: Call in the G20?
08/08/2021 - European Central Bank Confers on Italy Crisis
08/08/2021 - And Now All The Whispers, Unfortunately, Are About France
08/07/2021 - French AAA rating stable: S&P;
08/06/2021 - ECB As European Lender Of Last Resort = Institutional Purveryor Of A Pan-European Ponzi Scheme
08/06/2021 - MoneyWeek roundup: How low can the stock market go?
08/05/2022 - More Evidence of Core Slowdown in Germany’s Industrial Production
08/04/2022 - France and Germany: One More Bailout Away from Fiscal Crisis
08/01/2022 - FISCHER: Europe’s Sovereignty Crisis
08/01/2022 - More And More People Are Betting On An Italian Default
07/31/2011 - German finance minister: Greek deal no transfer union
07/30/2011 - Spain: Selected Issues
07/29/2011 - What Happens When That Juggler Gets Clumsy?
07/29/2011 - Eurozone Inflation Unexpectedly Falls to 2.5%
07/29/2011 - Inside Europe's New Population Trends
07/28/2011 - German Jobless Falls By Seasonally-adjusted 11,000
07/27/2011 - Rise of the Radical Right: Europe Has More Dangerous Extremists Than You Think
07/26/2011 - Germany will turn out light on euro
07/26/2011 - The Dynamics of Doom: Why the Eurozone Fix Will Fail: Charles Hugh Smith
07/26/2011 - It’s Euro-Party (And You’ll Cry If You’re German)
07/25/2011 - Angela Merkel faces revolt in Germany over rescue deal
07/25/2011 - Greece Is Fulfilling Our Predictions Of Default Precisely As Predicted This Time Last Year
07/25/2011 - Moody's Cuts Greece's Ratings Three Notches
07/25/2011 - Moody's: Greek Default Almost Certain
07/24/2011 - Kicking the Can Down the Road One More Time
07/23/2011 - The Anatomy Of A European Bank Run: Look At The Banking Situation BEFORE The Run Occurs!
07/23/2011 - Greece through the rear-view mirror
07/23/2011 - "Norway Has Lost Its Innocence": Interviews With A Nation In Shock
07/23/2011 - Fitch to Declare Interim Greek Default
07/23/2011 - Noonan says bailout funds may continue beyond plan
07/23/2011 - 85% Chance Greece Will Default – Here’s Why
07/22/2011 - The Fuel Behind Institutional “Runs on the Bank” Burns Through Europe, Lehman-Style!
07/22/2011 - The EU gets serious about its sovereign debt crisis
07/22/2011 - Greece Defaults
07/21/2011 - Germany Has Its Own Tea Party!.. IMF: EU Crisis Is a Global Disaster
07/21/2011 - Germany, France reach accord on Greek bailout
07/21/2011 - Euro-zone PMI Data Shows Sharp July Slowdown
07/21/2011 - This could be the "breaking point" for Italy and the euro
07/21/2011 - The eurozone crisis will end in panic – here's why
07/19/2011 - Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho discovers 'colossal' budget hole
07/19/2011 - Now That We All Agree Greece Will Default, What Happens As A Result?
07/19/2011 - Didn't Anyone Notice The Seemingly Irreparable Damage To The Eurozone Last Week? Global Short Ban, Here We Come!
07/19/2011 - German July ZEW Sentiment Index Falls To -15.1
07/19/2011 - It's not Italy that should spook us - it's France
07/19/2011 - Why Thursday Will Be Huge For Europe
07/19/2011 - Core Meltdown: Eurozone's Problems Just Got Worse
07/18/2011 - IMF says that huge Greek debt 'on knife edge
07/18/2011 - European Banks Feel the Heat After Stress Tests
07/18/2011 - ROUBINI: The Eurozone’s Last Stand
07/18/2011 - Eurozone to push for Greek bailout deal in snap summit
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07/17/2011 - Stricter bank test leaves 80 billion euro hole -analyst
07/16/2011 - Jim Rogers : is The Euro a dysfunctional Currency ?
07/16/2011 - Eight Banks Fail European Stress Tests
07/16/2011 - Ireland's Bonds Spiral Into the Abyss
07/15/2011 - Multiple Botched and Mismanaged Stress Test Have Created The Makings Of A Pan-European Bank Run
07/15/2011 - IMF urges action on Greece, European banks
07/15/2011 - The debt crisis engulfing Italy and Spain
07/15/2011 - By The Way, Greece!?
07/14/2011 - Mohamed El-Erian : Italy less worrisome than Greece
07/14/2011 - Eighteen Percent of the EU is Literally Junk, Carried As Risk Free Assets at Par Using 30x+ Leverage: Bank Collapse is Inevitable!!!
07/14/2011 - Italy: Selected Issues
07/13/2011 - German 'Nein' leaves Italy and Spain in turmoil
07/13/2011 - Greek Asset Sales Fall Short, As We Virtually Guaranteed They Would In Spring 2010
07/13/2011 - Measuring systemic risk of the European banking sector
07/13/2011 - Germany: Financial Sector Stability Assessment
07/13/2011 - Italy's Crisis: The ECB Could Just Print the Money
07/13/2011 - Ireland's credit rating slashed to junk status
07/12/2021 - Italian Bank Problems Now At The Forefront
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07/12/2021 - Meanwhile, SPAIN
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