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The following table references monthly or periodic macro-economic and economic related Publications. We encourage users to do whatever additional Internet and other searches and reviews they consider relevant to their investment research and due diligence undertakings.
Title Description Publisher
Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas - USA Association publishes articles on the future of oil supply, as well as the current consumption. Weekly peak oil review highlights the current issues in oil supply. ASPO-USA
Australia Uranium Association Articles on the uranium market and nuclear power Australian Uranium Association Ltd.
Barron's Magazine This magazine provides articles on a wide variety of business topics. (RSS) Dow Jones & Company Inc.
BusinessWeek Contains articles on a wide variety of business topics, with a general focus on US issues. McGraw-Hill
Canadian Copper Magazine Magazine contains articles on copper applications and mining, as well as uses of copper. Recent issues available online Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association
Canadian Mining Journal This journal provides articles aimed at those who work in the field of exploration, mining and process. Focus on Canadian content and industry. Business Information Group
Canadian Nuclear Association free articles (PDF) on nuclear energy in Canada. Information on uranium. Canadian Nuclear Association
CIM Bulletin Articles focus on different issues surrounding mining and the mining industry in Canada. Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
DOB Magazine Free articles (RSS) look at topics on the Canadian oil and gas industry. Nickle's Energy Group
Energy Bulletin Articles published examine oil and gas production date, as well as economic issues surrounding the industry. Energy Bulletin
European Central Bank Free RSS to pdf documents on economic issues in Europe. European Central Bank
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal Magazine provides information on all phases of mining, and focuses on precious metals. ICMJ & CMJ Inc.
Mining Association of British Columbia Free yearly report that highlights mining and exploration in British Columbia. Mining Association of British Columbia
Mining Engineering Online Magazine showcases the latest industry news and articles related to finding, mining, and processing metallic and nonmetallic ores. Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Inc
Mining Journal Online Articles cover global aspects of the mining industry. Mining Communications Ltd.
Mining Magazine Articles cover global aspects of the mining industry. Mining Communications Ltd.
Oil & Gas Inquirer Provides news and articles on a variety of topics concerning oil and gas in Canada. JuneWarren Network
OilSands Reviews Provides news and articles concerning oil sands and the Canadian oil industry. JuneWarren Network
OilWeek Provides news and articles on a variety of topics concerning oil and gas in Canada JuneWarren Network
Resource World Investment opportunities and news Research World Publishing Inc.
Short-Term Energy Outlook Monthly report analyses the energy sector and provides forcasts for the upcoming months. Energy Information Administration
The Economist Weekly international affairs magazine that covers a wide varity of business, economic, political, and technological issues. The Economic Group
The Energy Report Articles on site look at the energy sector. Streetwise Reports
The Gold Report Free articles on the gold industry. Streetwise Reports
The Northern Miner Articles focus on mining in Northern Ontario Business Information Group
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