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  • Gold +27.96 (1,592.91)
  • Silver +0.92 (28.77)
  • Copper +0.03 (3.46)
  • WTI Oil +1.66 (100.72)
  • NYMEX Gas +0.01 (2.98)
  • S&P;/TSX +113.39 (11,955.09)

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This table, which has been generated by 'keyword searching' all Press Release headings as Press Releases are received by (“we” or ‘us”), displays data from the current trading day and, where the data is displayed on a non-trading day, from the previous trading day. Clicking on a Company Name will link to a table of all Press Releases for that Company.

Importantly, having been generated by 'keyword searches' this table may be incomplete, misleading, wrong, include wrong inferences, or may not be responsive to the topic searched – and we have not manually or otherwise verified its completeness or accuracy. Subscribers are encouraged to verify and supplement the information set out in this table through discussion with Company Management or otherwise.

Clicking on a Company Name will link to a table of Press Releases for that Company

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