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Chris Badali  -  Nov 29 04:36 PM 4 Posts 0 Followers 0 Following
The rise of gold
Lately, given the state of the current global economic environment, I've been finding myself reading more and more articles discussing the outlook of gold.  I am interested in hearing the forum's thoughts on whether or not we can expect the price of gold to continue to appreciate in the new year.
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Ian R. Campbell  - Dec 12 01:10 PM24 Posts0 Followers0 Following
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I think you have asked the correct question, in that you have asked for a view as to what the 'trend in the gold price' is likely to be, and not what a 'price target' for gold might be.  Many commentators suggest that the price of gold will be at U.S.$X or U.S.$Y at some pre-determined future date.  I think that is nothing more than pure speculation, and not worth paying attention to.  That said, I do think that one can sensibly speak to the 'trend price' of physical gold in the context of their views as to the prospects for each of the 'principal drivers of the physical gold price' which include prospective macro-economic conditions in all the aspects of that, prospective inter-country strive, prospective terrorism threats, gold supply and demand issues, etc.  You can see my answer as to what I believe to be the principal drivers of the gold price if you read my answer to the question in this Gold Industry Forum titled 'What Are The Principal Drivers of the Price of Physical Gold'.


My own view, based on my ongoing view and thoughts with respect to what I see as a very fragile American economy and overwhelming debt burden, Sovereign Debt Issues in the EuroZone and elsewhere, potential terrorism and other societal issues, what seems to be a continuing 'fall-out of favour' with the fiat currency environment we live in, and what seems to be an ongoing demand for direct (bullion and coins) and indirect (ETFs and other physical gold 'vehicles', I for one believe that gold will continue to trend upward.  Where and when that will stop I don't know, but unless the world as we know it goes the way of the dire predictions that currently regularly are made, at some point 'end it will'.  In this regard, and for an alternate near-term view, you might want to read an article in yesterday's Globe & Mail (a Canadian National Newspaper) titled 'Worth Its Weight?'.
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