Valuation Methodologies

This E-Book canvasses the valuation methodologies adopted by stock market investors, stock market analysts, corporate acquirers, merger and acquisition intermediaries, and business valuation experts. Each methodology is overviewed, and commentary is offered as to the reliability of each methodology, who is most likely to adopt each, and which should and should not be weighted in stock market and acquisition analysis.

In the second of this series of Valuation E-books, business valuation expert Ian R. Campbell shares his expertise and focuses on valuation methodologies.

The methodologies reviewed are segregated by the basis of value adopted by each as follows:
  • Asset Based Methodologies;
  • Earnings and Cash Flow Methodologies (including an overview of the Discounted Cash Flow methodology);
  • Comparables Based Methodologies – Mining;
  • Comparables Based Methodologies – Oil & Gas; and,
  • Other Methodologies – Mining, Oil & Gas, and Oil & Gas Service.


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