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  • Gold +7.68 (1,664.43)
  • Silver +0.88 (31.51)
  • Copper -0.03 (3.77)
  • WTI Oil -1.98 (98.41)
  • NYMEX Gas +0.00 (2.32)
  • S&P;/TSX -2.16 (12,378.53)
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Corsa Coal Corp.


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 Charles ChebryColin BennerD. JamesDonald CharterJames DawsonJohn CraigJoseph GalloKerry MearsLeigh JunkMichael HarrisonMichael SvonavecPaul CaldwellPeter KleespiesRobert ScottRobert CarpenterStephen MeehanTimothy Phillips
Adriana Resources Inc. D
Africa Oil Corp  
Source: Capital IQ
Company Classification: 
Industry Mining
Principal Sub-Industry Gold
Type Explorer
Principal Geography Canada
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