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StockResearchPortal.com aims to give investors a foundation upon which to make the right choice for their portfolio with its compare and rank companies functions.

By selecting from StockResearchPortal.com drop-down menus, users can compare more than 1,600 companies listed in our Company Universe by:

  • industry, including oil & gas, mining
  • sub-industries including production and exploration of oil and gas, gold, silver, uranium; base metals
  • Geography including Canada and when appropriate North America, the US. South America, the rest of the world
  • Market capitalization

For every company, drill deep into daily comparables such as:

  • key financial ratios such as price to earnings; enterprise value Enterprise Value/ EBITDA; market capitalization to common share equity and tangible book equity
  • trailing price volatility in 20-day, 60-day and 90-day charts
  • trading volume
  • Daily closing price change as a percentage

Compare up-to-date quarterly reporting, including:

  • Cash and equivalents
  • Interest bearing debt
  • Current ratios, capital expenditures

Compare companies by trailing 12-month:

  • EBIT
  • After tax earnings
  • Capital Expenses
  • Return on equity
  • Ratios like EBITDA/Interest Expense and
  • Interest bearing debt/after-tax cash flow